Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Sometimes" is a Some-Time Thing

What a word
This "sometimes" is.
It gives us the wiggle room
Should we need some.
Defines a situation or experience
"Sometimes" lets us know
There's a way around and about
And always a way out...
Should you need one of course.
We use the word "sometimes"
I lessen the need for the reader
Or listener to ever question or
Make that rebuttal..that we all like to do

Rebecca Weiss

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thinking About Tiger Woods/My View

I can't help but think about Tiger Woods' situation and the media's and our surprise about his "breakdown". I wonder how long and when his "cheating" began. In other words, what triggered it? I also wonder how much is related to the grief he still carries for the loss of his father...and best friend. With all of his money fame and good looks he's just like any one of us who has lost the one who has loved us the most. It is said that a lot of people turn to drugs drinking and sex to cope with deep loss and saddness. I wonder if that's why Tiger Woods became caught up with the many women who made it easy for him to not deal with the emptiness and pain from caused by his father's death?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I was not there
When you met each other
So I don't know
How it all began
But it was fortuitous
That's for sure
That coming together
Affected so many lives...
Especially my own
Any many more
Who too are distilled
From all of us
No, I was not there
But what if I had been
What would I have thought
Or felt
To know who my parents really were
And therefore

by Rebecca Weiss

Thursday, November 26, 2009

10 Ways to make a DIFFERENCE...

1. Be true to yourself.
2. Have fun.
3. Just get out of the house and TRY!
4. Contribute to living.
5. Hold yourself to high standards.
6. Don't cheat yourself.
7. Follow your own dreams - not someone else's for you.
8. Keep yourself above ordinary.
9. Make time to enjoy the things and people you love.
10. Check in to make sure you have not lost your way.

10 Ways to SUCCEED...

1. Be yourself.
2. Like yourself.
3. Show kindness to people and animals.
4. Give of yourself.
5. Overlook the trivial.
6. Don't overlook what really matters.
7. Don't be afraid to fail.
8. Know the difference between best and second best.
9. Be happy.
10. Just try!

10 Ways to FAIL...

1. Be selfish.
2. Keep it all.
3. Only please yourself.
4. Make fun of other people.
5. Steal other people's ideas.
6. Hit your kids.
7. Suffer in silence.
8. Think others are less than you.
9. Be jealous and try to hide it.
10. Lack of praise when praise is warranted.

10 Ways to OPEN your heart...

1. Say your sorry.
2. Write a letter.
3. GIVE.
4. Start fresh.
5. Give it up!
6. Please yourself.
7. Try again.
8. Sing along.
9. Smile a lot.
10. Wish upon a star.

10 Reasons why it ALL matters...

1. Because it does.
2. Too many excuses spoils.
3. Lying turns beauty into ugly.
4. Being Lazy clogs energy.
5. Making excuses tangles up the yarn.
6. Cheating suffers a million wounds.
7. Gossip perpetuates a stagnant trust.
8. Avoiding the truth keeps flags at half mast.
9. Lack of tears causes parched hearts to shiver.
10. Needing to be right makes the distance farther away.

10 Ways to SHOW your love...

1. Be kind.
2. Do good deeds.
3. Don't expect.
4. Be appreciative.
5. Say Hello!
6. Know others matter.
7. Take care of yourself.
8. A good word goes a long way.
9. Know your intention.
10. Be at peace in your heart.

10 Ways to find out what you are MADE of...

1. Stand up for what you really believe. (speak out)
2. Go against the status Quo... (feel it)
3. Speak what's in your heart - not only what's on your mind.
4. Live your own truth.
5. Want things on your own terms.
6. Don't go along - to get along.
7. Being mean is being weak - be strong show kindness.
8. Let people know you are trustworthy by being trustworthy.
9. No Lies.
10. The truth will set you free.

10 Bumpy Roads you may have to travel one day...

1. Living up to someone-else's expectations.
2. Sticking to the difficult.
3. Forgiving the unforgivable - so you can be free.
4. Accepting other people with all of their shortcomings.
5. Finding out that you have misjudged someone.
6. Giving people more credit than they deserve.
7. Believing in yourself even though no one else does.
8. Finding faith when you lost yours.
9. Showing your true self in time to save your soul.
10. Having the courage to be who you really are - not who you think you are.

10 Things to WISH for...

1. A big piece of chocolate cake, a glass of milk without feeling guilty.
2. Learning how to have fun.
3. Being with people who you like and love.
4. Blue skies (most of the time).
5. Finding the right person to be with.
6. Learning to be grateful.
7. To hold your head high when things don't go your way.
8. To be able to release feelings that are no longer helpful.
9. To understand where you went wrong.
10. The courage to fix mistakes and to learn from them.

10 Things to TEACH your children

1. That you are someone they can trust to do what's best for them.
2. To be a good looser.
3. To laugh at themselves easily.
4. That being right is not always the most important thing.
5. To trust their own instincts.
6. To feel they can make a contribution in the world.
7. To find something they love to do!
8. To see the glass half full.
9. That they matter to you.
10. That the world is a better place because they are in it.

10 Things to NEVER forget...

1. That you love.
2. That you're here because you are supposed to be.
3. That you should ask in order to receive.
4. That life is a two way street.
5. That a true friend is a gift.
6. That life is not meant to be easy!
7. That work is worth-while and a great teacher.
8. That you are not responsible for other people and what they do.
9. That quitting is not an option.
10. That it's never too late to right a wrong.

10 Things Worth HOLDING on to...

1. Sunshine on your face.
2. A smile.
3. Wishing.
4. Wanting and doing what's best for you.
5. Your prayers.
6. Finding things to laugh about.
7. Making positives out of negatives.
8. Lifting someone's spirit with your kindness.
9. Finding a way out of a predicament.
10. Doing something to make the world a better place.

10 Things to FIND in Life...

1. People to laugh with.
2. Someone to love.
3. Someone who loves you back.
4. Being in the right place at the right time.
5. Walking your own path.
6. Knowing your true self.
7. Living life to the fullest.
8. Trust in doing the right thing.
9. Believing in tomorrow.
10. Always do your best and know that it's enough.

10 Things to AVOID in Life...

1. Listening to those who tell you your ideas are not good.
2. People who tell you not to try to do what you love.
3. Changing your mind when you 'really' want to do something and
somebody tries to talk you out of it.
4. Giving in or capitulating when you know you're right.
5. Seeing things the way others want you to see them.
6. Getting "off" at the wrong stop for you.
7. Buying shoes that don't fit.
8. Trying to change someone else's mind.
9. Laughing at someone who is different from you.
10. Having to always be right.