Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Sometimes" is a Some-Time Thing

What a word
This "sometimes" is.
It gives us the wiggle room
Should we need some.
Defines a situation or experience
"Sometimes" lets us know
There's a way around and about
And always a way out...
Should you need one of course.
We use the word "sometimes"
I lessen the need for the reader
Or listener to ever question or
Make that rebuttal..that we all like to do

Rebecca Weiss

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thinking About Tiger Woods/My View

I can't help but think about Tiger Woods' situation and the media's and our surprise about his "breakdown". I wonder how long and when his "cheating" began. In other words, what triggered it? I also wonder how much is related to the grief he still carries for the loss of his father...and best friend. With all of his money fame and good looks he's just like any one of us who has lost the one who has loved us the most. It is said that a lot of people turn to drugs drinking and sex to cope with deep loss and saddness. I wonder if that's why Tiger Woods became caught up with the many women who made it easy for him to not deal with the emptiness and pain from caused by his father's death?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I was not there
When you met each other
So I don't know
How it all began
But it was fortuitous
That's for sure
That coming together
Affected so many lives...
Especially my own
Any many more
Who too are distilled
From all of us
No, I was not there
But what if I had been
What would I have thought
Or felt
To know who my parents really were
And therefore

by Rebecca Weiss